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For Online Tarot Readings contact Nancy* by text message at 256.466.2374 to schedule an online appointment or send an email to me at TrinitarianWicca@gmail.com or GypsyHoodoo@gmail.com and we'll arrange a reading time using AOL/AIM or Yahoo Messenger!! Blessed Be!!

Other Christian Wicca Websites and essays on Witchvox

Currently, if you do a web search for the term Christian Wicca, you will find many individual's websites professing that they are Christian Wiccans. I am not affiliated with any of these websites. While I support all forms of magickal Christianity and those who wish to combine Christ and the Craft, few of these sites are actually about Wicca focusing on the Christian Pantheon or is Goddess-inclusive. Many individuals profess that they are Wiccan, yet are clinging to a Jesus (male deity-only) form of magick. If they are not acknowledging the forgotten Christian Goddess and seeking a cosmic balance with both the Lord AND the Lady, then they are not practicing Wicca. Calling Jesus into your circle and saying "I uphold the Wiccan Rede" does not make you a Wiccan. I suppose that makes you a Christian Witch who is aware of the Rede. There is nothing wrong with that, it's just not Trinitarian Wicca.

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